Each tube is individually tested with an inspection probe attached to an Eddy Current Oscilloscope.  This inspection process allows for determination of a defect's severity and internal/external location along the length and/or circumference of the tube.  The amount of signal deflection on the test instrument monitor measures the volume of metal loss as compared to a calibration standard. A tube bundle map and strip charts provide a permanent record.

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— Carroll Wallace, General Manager, Engineered Cooling Services


Our analysts have been extensively trained and certified in accordance to guidelines established by the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT).  Each analyst has a comprehensive working knowledge of the Eddy Current testing procedures, test equipment and materials being inspected, which allows for immediate, reliable and accurate test results.

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— Barry L. Shelton Sr., President (ret.), Thermetrics Corporation


Our test equipment includes the UniWest 454 EddyView digital oscilloscope paired with custom-made cross-axial absolute-hybrid bobbin probes.  As the name suggests our cross-axial probes are specifically designed to inspect tubes both longitudinally and laterally simultaneously.  This configuration allows for a wide variety of flaw detection, such as small internal or external pits, larger areas of gradual internal or external metal loss, wear at the support sheets and radial flaws.

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— Joseph A. Breland, Account Manager, Gulf South Trane


  • With each Eddy Current Test a detailed report is generated, which provides precise evaluation data to determine the current state of the tested vessel.  
  • The report also establishes baseline data for future comparison; helpful in estimating damage patterns and identifying specific changes in the tube environment.  
  • Each report is thoroughly reviewed by a Level III analyst to ensure accuracy.
  • Recommendations are based on decades of testing experience. 
  • A typical report provides all relevant test information including, but not limited to, color coded tube maps for each vessel tested, strip-chart graphs with relevant information highlighted, calibration and test equipment settings and recommendations.

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